Neclexy ™ Portable Neck Massager

Neclexy ™ Portable Neck Massager

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How does it help?!

  Neclexy™  massager is one of the best ways to relieve your neck pain and upper back pain. without any complicates it's working using a heating therapy system and other advanced technologies that every expert therapist recommend for stiff neck and relieve neck tensions All you need ONLY 15 minutes every day to Relax your
neck muscles and get comfort feelings
 work study ,sport or Even when you in bus
     keep watching video to learn more ... 

Relieve stiff neck pain with deep massage

Get a powerful deep-kneading shiatsu massage at home thanks to the automatic nodes that change direction every minute to help reduce overused, sore and tight muscles. Provided with a soothing heat function, it will instantly alleviate muscle pain and soreness by transferring warmth to the muscles.



Sore Neck, Head Tension, Cervical Pain, Migraines, Insomnia due to Neck Strain And another intermittent neck issues like Tech-Neck when you stare at computer screen and smartphone📱

Targets All Muscles & Joints

The Neclexy has been provided with an heat therapy system that targets your full neck muscles and joints to help you recover faster with increased blood circulation. Built to reinvent the massage experience, it is giving everyone the ability to move & feel better. The heat technology will allow you to see results in minimum time.


features and desıgn

Say goodbye to the bulky neck massager, weighs only 5.6 ounce, and has a large-capacity battery. It is compatible with USB charging for 1 hour, used for 15 minutes per day, which can work for 10 days. The neck massager is equipped with a 15-minute auto-off function to ensure you have a safe massage experience. Keep pressing the switch button for 3 seconds to start, 3 massage modes 15 intensity and heat function adjustments on the remote control, very easy to operation. The skin-friendly, breathable soft silicone material makes the carotid artery pressure-free. U-shaped neck wraps closer to the skin,fit neck size and neck curve of different people.


Package Includes  

•Size: 142*138*60mm/5.59*5.43*2.36" •Material: ABS + 304 stainless steel •Weight: 160g
•Charging mode: USB
•Voltage parameters: dc5v; 1a; 5w
•Built-in lithium battery
•capacity: 1600mah

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